Over at The Takoma Park Newsletter, I have a piece on Boulanger Initiative.

Here’s the first paragraph:

Born in Takoma Park, Boulanger Initiative’s mission is to advocate for women and gender-marginalized composers. According to its mission statement, the nonprofit promotes “music composed by women through performance, education, research, consulting, and commissions.” According to Boulanger Initiative Co-founder and Executive Director Laura Colgate, the name honors two paragons in the world of classical music. The Boulangers were from France. “We wanted to bring more recognition to the two sisters and honor them by using their name,” she said.

The article appears on Page 11. You can read that, and the rest of the December edition here.

Over at the Takoma Foundation’s website, there’s a piece on Conexo and CHEER. Conexo is a fall 2020 grantee of the Takoma Foundation.

Here’s one paragraph from the article:

Conexo is a small informal group whose members assist with CHEER’s weekly food distributions, bagging food and setting up at these events. They sign people up for the distributions and send reminders. When someone is sick or pregnant a Conexo member might deliver food to that individual’s house.

Here’s another paragraph:

Conexo members also grow food in community gardens, meeting twice a week to work on three plots in Takoma Park near New Hampshire Estates. This gives them access to fresh fruits and vegetables that they would ordinarily have a hard time affording.

You can check out the entire piece here.

Taylor Dibbert

Taylor Dibbert is a writer and journalist. He’s the author of the Peace Corps memoir “Fiesta of Sunset,” and is seeking representation for his first novel.

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