Reviewing David Frum’s New Book

I enjoyed reading Joe Klein’s review of David Frum’s “Trumpocalypse.”

Here’s one paragraph:

There is a problem, though, with basing a national restoration of civility in a policy proposal. Tribal identity may be a stronger force than ideology in politics. To my mind, the only government program that can mitigate tribalism is a robust form of national service. The United States military has no equal when it comes to creating a sense of “us.” Frum doesn’t address this, which is a shame. But he has done something crucial: He has recognized that a new national conversation is coming, and, with “Trumpocalypse,” he has provided a thoughtful way to start it.

The piece appears in The New York Times; you can check it out here.

Taylor Dibbert is a writer and journalist. He’s the author of the Peace Corps memoir “Fiesta of Sunset,” and is seeking representation for his first novel.